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About Us


Iran Touring & Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC) was founded in 2000 in keeping with the decision adopted by the special representatives to the then Iranian President relative to assignment of a certain portion of the ownership of properties and assets of the Iran Touring and Tourism Organization together with their other rights, privileges, obligations, facilities, equipment, terrains and premises whether accommodation, reception, recreational and sporting together with the shares owned by the said Organization in terms of the Iran Guesthouses Development Company (the mentioned shares where distributed equally between Civil Servants Pension Organization and Social Security Organization. ITTIC started operating in the fields of touring and tourism industry development in accordance with its Articles of Association as outlined below. 

  • ITTIC Hotels

  • Atiyeh Oj Safar Company

  • Safar Card

  • Iran Touring & Tourism Travel Agency

Our values

Appreciation of the country's retirees

Tourism and Tourism group
Special Discounts for Retirees and Families

Revered by the retirees of the country

Tourism and Travel Group
Special Discounts for Retirees and Families

Special retirement tours

Travel and Tourism Travel Office
Execution of specialist retirement tours

Tour offer

Find the latest tours of travel and tourism travel agency

The most extensive hotel group in the country

Iran Touring and Tourism investment company with over
54 residential and catering facilities in the 24 provinces

Memorable trips

The group of travel and tourism companies is trying to bring you moments and memories of pleasure.

Respect for nature

Conducting social responsibility campaigns such as the Garbage Waste Trash-Free Nature and the Campaign for Every Tree's Tourist

Central Reservation System

Take advantage of the online booking system of travel agencies and travel agents
Loyal customer
Hotel & Restaurant

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