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Restaurant of the hotel has a capacity of 120 people. This hotel has been constructed in terms of a traditional hotel. By staying in this hotel, you can visit tourist attractions of Mahan city

به ازای هرشب

The Semnan Tourist Hotel has 20 double rooms, 12 triple rooms, 2 quadruple suites and a restaurant with appropriate space for celebrations.

به ازای هرشب

The Kerman Tourism Hotel has 45 double rooms, 8 suites and 7 triple suites, a large restaurant and lounges, coffee shop and a pool

به ازای هرشب

The Dizin International Complex has 150 rooms; 3.2 and 4-bed rooms, 7 VIP villas, a 7-ply (duplex) and specially designed suites.

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به ازای هرشب

Zahedan Tourism Hotel has 12 twin rooms, 8 triple rooms, 9 suites, 4 triple suites, a two bedroom villa and a twin suite, and a dedicated restaurant and café.

به ازای هرشب

The hotel has 20 double rooms, 33 triple rooms, 3 triple suites, 3 triplets, 2 4 double beds, 2 double beds with 4 beds and a billiard room, a massage salon, a ping pong, a cafe and game net, a sales booth. Souvenir, Sanandaj Round and Darwani tours, sauna and jacuzzi, conference hall with capacity 70 people, coffee shop, outdoor cafe coffee shop and 2 restaurants.

به ازای هرشب

The Damghan Tourism Hotel has nine double-deck rooms, four triple rooms, a four-story suite and a restaurant.

به ازای هرشب

Shiraz has long been a natural locally for the local exchanges of farmers, unicorns and tribes, due to its relative centrality in the southern Zagros region, and its existence in a relatively fertile area. The city is also on the way to Iran''s commercial routes to southern ports like the Bushehr port . UShiraz - Shiraz, Sadi''s cottage, beginning of Abu Nasr Blvd., right